An unmatched luxury location

At Horisontti, everyday life is luxury - and at its core is ease. Here, connections are fast and services are nearby. Kalasatama's unique accessibility ensures that it is easy to commute to Horisontti. No matter the weather, your staff and customers get to keep their feet dry when arriving by subway and by car. In addition extensive bike path networks and bus connections service Kalasatama. Off hours, you can spend time in Kalasatama enjoying the abundant services and the urban pulse of the area.

Excellent connections

You can get to Kalasatama from the center of Helsinki by metro in just 6 minutes. Horisontti's main doors are just a few steps away from the subway, 15 meters to be exact. You can walk to the nearest bus stop in less than two minutes.

Kalasatama's already excellent traffic connections will improve over the next few years thanks to significant traffic projects. The construction of the tramway from Kalasatama to Pasila is underway, and traffic is estimated to start in 2024. The Kruunusillat project, which is estimated to be completed in 2027, will connect several different parts of the city to Nihti, which is located next to Kalasatama.


It is possible to rent parking spaces for your company at the Redi park, which is located within the Redi shopping center. Redi park is a warm parking garage with four floors and 1950 parking spaces. Some places are equipped with an electric car charger. From Redi park, you can conveniently take the elevators to Horisontti's reception.

Your guests can take advantage of the three hours of free parking time offered by the Taskuparkki application. You can find more information about parking on Red's own website.

REDI park

Bike parking and changing rooms

Those arriving by bike can reach Horisontti via bike paths from every direction. For example, you can pedal directly to Bryga's park deck, where there is a bike park and employees' own entrance to Horisontti. A new bike park will be built in the basement of Horisontti, where you can store your bike during the working day without any worries.

More than 1,000 bicycle spaces near the entrances of the Redi shopping center are also available for you and your guests. Electric bikes have their own charging stations. The city bike stations are located on the Hermannin rantatie opposite Redi's main entrance and in Englantilaisaukio.

Location on the map

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Horisontti toimistovuokraus, CBRE

+358 40 483 9201


Horisontti toimistovuokraus, CBRE

+358 40 483 9201

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