How to lease your new office

Renting an office space from Horisontti proceeds through clear steps in which we ensure that your new office space meets the goals and needs of your company. Your Customer Manager will guide you to Horisontti with confidence and help you navigate through the choices for your future business premises.

Read more about what happens in the different phases of office space leasing.

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First meeting

Requirement mapping and preliminary offer


Space design

Detailed offer

Based on the spatial plan

Contract and details

Lease contract

Procurement and construction

In accordance with the lease and customer plan

Site visits

During construction

Move and commissioning

According to the agreed schedule

SRV client meeting

Needs mapping

Kauppakeskus REDI will serve as the location of the first meeting, where you can experience how to reach Horisontti and also get to visit the 26th floor of the already completed skyscraper Loisto. At the same time, SRV's Customer manager maps out your company's space needs and goals for the move and tells you more about Horisontti’s available spaces. The duration of the meeting is about 1 hour. After the meeting, you will receive a preliminary offer corresponding to your company's space needs.

Space design workshop

In the next step, we will design a space plan corresponding to your company's needs in a joint workshop. We will map the functional needs of your company and plan how they would fit into Horisontti's floor plan. We will also make preliminary material choices. After the visit, you will receive a final offer based on your company's space plan and material choices.


Signing of the official lease agreement will take place after your company's new premises have been planned in terms of functionality, surface materials, schedules and other details. After signing the lease, we proceed through construction to moving preparations and the commissioning of the new office space.

Construction site visits

The completion of Horisontti's construction phase will take place in the turn of 2024-2025. The companies that have entered into a lease agreement will get an exclusive opportunity to visit the construction site and see first-hand how Finland's first office skyscraper rises to its heights. Our professionals will discuss about the progress of the construction project and your company will have a unique opportunity to visit your future workplace before it is finished.

Move to new office premises

After the construction work is finished, companies will be able to move into their brand new premises. The move and the introduction of the new premises are carefully prepared together and scheduled as a separate project. Before handing over the space, we do joint commissioning and user guidance and go through how everyday life at Horisontti will run in terms of arrival, services and other details. Moving day is a significant moment for your company, and we carefully arrange its course so that it becomes an unforgettable experience for your entire staff.

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Developed by SRV

SRV is a developer and innovator in the construction industry. Our objective is a new lifecycle-wise reality where solutions related to construction ensure well-being, financial value and the benefit of users, residents and environment – for years and generations to come. Our genuine cooperation and enthusiasm for our work comes across in every encounter. Sustainability is reflected in all our activities.

We are Finland’s leading project management contractor. We develop and build commercial and business premises, residential units as well as infrastructure and logistics projects. We operate in selected growth centres in Finland.

Our company, established in 1987, is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. We operate in growth centres in Finland. In 2021, our revenue totaled EUR 932.6 million. In addition to about 1,000 SRV employees, we employ a network of around 3,600 subcontractors.


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