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Kalasatama is one of Helsinki's fastest growing urban areas, which offers companies and residents of the area extensive and versatile services and outdoor recreation opportunities. The office skyscraper Horisontti is located on the roof of the shopping center Redi, so its services are only an elevator ride away. Horisontti's own lobby service makes the working day experience of both staff and visitors smooth and pleasant. Outdoor activities in maritime landscapes are possible on the jogging paths of nearby Mustikkamaa, and the Korkeasaari zoo is only a short walk away.

Check the map below for other services in the area.

Redi shopping centre

The diverse shops, services and experiences of the shopping center Redi serve the employees of the companies operating in Horisontti and their customers seamlessly from morning to night. The lunch offer is plentiful and everyday shopping is easy. Redi park offers excellent parking opportunities for those traveling by car, and there are plenty of bike stands around the shopping center. The park deck Bryga brings nature to the middle of skyscrapers. There you can find more than 50 different plant species and nice places to breathe in the middle of everyday life. Companies operating in Horisontti have their own exit directly to the park deck, so you can easily take a coffee break while enjoying the fresh air.


Lobby service

The lobby service at Horisontti's main entrance serves your company's employees and visitors. Horisontti's own concierge, a trusted person, receives, serves and strives to make the working day and visit to Horisontti as smooth and pleasant as possible. Several additional services can be ordered through the lobby service to support your company's everyday operations.

Horisontti rooftop restaurant

The city's newest and most attractive roof-top restaurant will be built on the 24th floor of the office skyscraper Horisontti. It will offer the opportunity to experience Helsinki from a height of more than 100 meters. The experience starts already in the wonderful scenic elevator, and in the summer months, the scenery can be enjoyed from the seated restaurant terrace.

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